TREND ALERT: Dresses with Cut Outs for Everyone

Harleigh hearts

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Welcome to another edition of Harleigh hearts! I’m pretty sure everyone is looking forward to summer as much as me!  Summer means no school, warmer weather and long days at the pool or beach. I love being able to wear shorts and cute shirts, but the best part is new swimsuits. I’m in love with the one piece styles with cut outs. It’s such a fun design and combines the more classic one piece with the elements of a more daring bikini.  I was super excited to see this style trend cross over into prom and party dresses this season.

Cut Outs Are Everywhere!

Just like the one piece swimsuit, the prom dress with cut outs bridges style tastes for girls who want a more classic look and those who want to be a bit more daring.  It also provides a great alternative for girls who want a backless dress AND more coverage and support.  The flirty peekaboo style is another great teen twist on the backless dress and it’s for this reason that Harleigh hearts the cut out dress.  Here are some of my favs:


How Does Charlottes Closet Work? 

I got a lot of questions last week about Charlotte’s Closet and how it works. One that came up: “Is this like renting a prom or party dress?” The short answer is yes, Charlotte’s Closet allows you to rent a prom or party dress. The longer answer is: Charlotte’s Closet prefers to use the term borrow and really borrow or rent a dress truly means the same thing, however, Charlotte’s Closet wants every girl to feel like she has access to the closet of her friend who has a ton of pretty dresses and great taste of course!  I don’t know about you but who doesn’t want a BFF like Charlotte’s Closet to borrow from?  The other cool thing about Charlotte’s Closet is it’s TOTALLY FOR US teen and preteen girls! Sure there are other sites that allow you to borrow dresses, but those are for adults, and I don’t know about you but there is NO WAY I would ever wear one of my Mom’s dresses to a party!  Just not my style…..sorry Mom!  I love you, just not your dresses!

See more about how it works here:

Thanks for reading and tune in next week as I’ll be sharing more of my favorite prom dress trends — the backless and illusion style!  I’ll also be giving you the inside scoop on my favorite hairstyles and shoes to complete your best prom look! Scroll down for color picks of the week under Harleigh’s hues news.      



Harleigh’s Hues News for prom dresses with cut outs:

Fuscia Royal Blue