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Girls werent just Bringing it, they were BLINGING it

 I know I promised that my next blog would focus on prom dresses with cut outs, but I recently had the opportunity to attend the Miss Illinois United States pageant, which included six categories: Ms, Miss Teen, Jr. Teen, PreTeen and Little Miss I was so excited I had to blog about it! Let me tell you, these girls werent just bringing it, they were BLINGING it. It was so great to watch them in their gorgeous pageant gowns and see how incredibly poised they were in the interview portion.

 One trend I noticed was the trumpet pageant gown or also known as the mermaid.  This style is so flattering on all body types!  Its form fitted and accents your curves creating a beautiful silhouette. I cant imagine how difficult it was for the judges to choose the winners as all of the girls were so beautiful and each of their pageant gowns were stunning! Heres one of my fav mermaid styles from Charlottes Closet:


  I also spotted some great variations on the two-piece gown.  The first was worn by Marsha Lowe, Ms. Illinois United States 2014. She was wearing a stunning fringe beaded blue two-piece dress with a knee length skirt and looked amazing! The other two-piece that caught my eye was worn by Tabitha Turner, 1st runner up for Ms. Illinois United States 2015, She wore a nude color gown with a beautifully beaded top, which was shorter than what we normally see.  The under skirt hit just at the knee with a chiffon flowy illusion skirt with ribbon trim on top.  I was thrilled to get the chance to speak with her after the pageant and she was as sweet as could be! Check out the pic I snapped!


 Bejeweled is another huge fashion trend in the pageant world that was showcased in the Miss Illinois United States Pageant, not only with the contestants but with some title holders who also attended. During an intermission I spotted Megan Reisner, Miss Illinois Teen USA and noticed her wearing a beautiful white sequined short dress with a green leather jacket. I also got the chance to chat with her and she is not only beautiful but so sweet! Check out our pic:


 It goes without saying that bejeweled dresses make a statement on stage.  Something about the way the lights reflects on these gowns really makes the girls shine, which is why I think when it comes to pageant fashion BLING is the new black! Congratulations to all the winners!

 Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next edition of Harleigh hearts, which will focus on the cut out prom dress! Scroll down for my favorite pageant dress color trends!


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Meet Our Favorite Teen Blogger Harleigh

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      Two Piece Prom Dresses

Welcome to my first blog! I was super excited to be asked by Charlotte’s Closet to blog about trends and styles for teen party and prom dresses. I admit it – I am one of those girls who wants to wear a new dress for every event.  What I love the most about Charlotte’s Closet is that I can borrow a dress from their great selection for any place I need to go! They carry top designers for sweet 16’s, prom, homecoming, pageant, bat mitzvah’s and school dances.  It’s really an affordable way to look great for every occasion and my closet is no longer full of dresses that I will probably never wear again!

I love to see the new styles that come out and Charlotte’s Closet allows me to wear all the newest trends without having to buy five or six new dresses. Borrowing a prom dress means spending less, and spending less leaves more money in my budget for my other passion, shoes! HAHA, that is another blog for another day!

With the 2015 prom season in full swing, one of the trends that Harleigh hearts is the two- piece prom dress, also known as the crop top. See my fav here:

This style is so fun and flirty!  There are so many different styles of prom dresses on trend this year including the princess, which is the full ball gown, the mermaid and the elegant flowing chiffon. Other cool trends Harleigh hearts is the lace overlay and my all time personal favorite, bejeweled.  Yes, I am a girl who likes a bling on a dress. Who doesn’t love to sparkle? Shine in this one:

That is another reason Harleigh hearts the two-piece prom dress, the top can be blinged out with crystals, or could have lace overlay. So many different options with the two-piece prom dress make it appealing for us as it comes in many different styles both in the top and the skirt. Make sure to scroll down and to see what colors I am loving this week under Harleigh’s Hues News.

Check out Charlotte’s Closet founder Jen Lane-Forman discussing this years great new styles for the 2015 prom season, and yours truly modeling a beautiful two-piece.

Thanks for reading the first blog of Harleigh Hearts!  Tune in next week as I will be talking about my other favorite new trend, prom dresses with cut outs.



It All Started With One Dress


When yet another party invite arrived for her 12-year old daughter Charlotte, Jen Forman was overwhelmed just thinking about how much money she would have to shell out to find a dress stylish enough for her young fashionista – one she knew Charlotte would most likely only wear once.

Having been resourceful herself when it came to wearing special occasion attire, she wished there was a fashion borrowing option for the tween/teen set. After extensive research she didn’t find one so Jen decided to create her own. The result is Charlotte’s Closet.

Charlotte’s Closet is the premier spot for borrowing unique, designer dresses for up to 75% off their original price. The brand is committed to helping tweens and teens find their dream dress for every special occasion, at an affordable price that parents will love. Whether headed to a bat mitzvah, sweet 16, prom, formal, graduation or school dance, they’ve got you covered.

Charlotte’s Closet will constantly be updating their inventory and building relationships with established and up and coming designers to provide customers with the latest and greatest party pieces.

Are you ready to find your dream dress? 

Ready, Set, Borrow!