Meet Our Intern Christina!

Hello Charlotte’s Closet beauties, I’m Christina L. and am so excited to be interning this summer for Charlotte’s Closet! I love everything that has to do with fashion, from trending seasonal colors, to hairstyles, shoes, and even popular nail colors! I’m very excited that I get the opportunity to intern here, due to the creativity of letting young girls rent dresses in any style or color for their special occasions at an affordable price, especially since I’m one of those girls that doesn’t wear the same dress twice and always likes to change up my look!  For my first official blog I would like to share some of the trending colors I’m seeing this summer and my favorite looks from Charlotte’s Closet!

The first runner up is this beautiful blinged out number!

C153_1-JTODh-REOFY-mkIkEC153_2-eWgOl-VBhxh-LxYXqOne Shoulder Illusion Dress

This off white one shoulder illusion dress by Blush is honestly one of my favorite looks from Charlotte’s Closet. Off white is the new black currently in the fashion industry, and to whoever created the saying “never wear white after labor day”, you obviously know nothing about fashion! LOL

This gorgeous dress will have everyone doing a double take!

My second favorite look is this gorgeous stunner — another beauty by Blush!

9855-rxVUm-RQbvr-FgRuj9855_2-TCTtf-NbGhD-OLweuLace Cocktail Dress

This pale blue lace cocktail dress just makes me feel a winter wonderland kind of vibe and as the girly girl I am, need this as a necessity in my closet ASAP! Blue is currently elevating in the fashion world, from royal to pastel shades, the fashion industry can just never get enough of it.  I love how the jewels are placed over the lace creating a delicate yet magical dress for any event that you plan to attend. Let’s not forget about the open back, which in my opinion is the greatest detail of all time (insert Kanye’s voice here)!

The open back! I am a total sucker for an open back. You can never go wrong with it and give sthis dress that extra “oomph” by revealing just enough skin for a sexy yet elegant look.

Last but most definitely not least is this elegantly chic dress by Tiffany!

Tiffany_16030_1-vHhei-HulyG-vkEdQHalter Gown with Sparkle Top

This halter gown is an example of being effortlessly chic at its finest. The full length champagne sparkle skirt sets off a soft look, then the deep v-neck adds a bit of an edgy vibe. The crystals also soften the dress, letting you sparkle on the dance floor all night.

Until next time my Charlotte’s Closet beauties, stay fabulous!



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